APS4 Administration Officer Canberra Ongoing Vacancy, Full-time 21/11/2019
EL1 Data Services Manager Launceston Ongoing Vacancy, Full-time 21/11/2019
APS4 Legal Support Officer Canberra / Melbourne Ongoing / Non-ongoing Vacancies, Full-time 24/11/2019
APS6 Senior Trainer Canberra Ongoing Vacancy, Full-time 24/11/2019
EL2 Deputy Chief Information Officer Canberra Non-ongoing Vacancy 12 months, Full-time 24/11/2019
APS6 Legal Adviser - Regulatory Legal Team Melbourne Ongoing Vacancies / Non-Ongoing Vacancies (up to 12 months) - Full-time 25/11/2019
APS5 WHS Inspector / APS6 Senior WHS Inspector Canberra Ongoing Vacancy, Full-time 27/11/2019
APS5 / APS6 Legal Adviser - Legal Advice and Strategy Team Canberra / Melbourne Ongoing Vacancy, Non-ongoing Vacancies up to 12 months, Full-time 01/12/2019
EL1 Data Strategy Program Manager Canberra / Melbourne Non-Ongoing Vacancy 12 months, Full-time/Part-time 01/12/2019

Expressions of Interest

Entry Level Temporary Employment Register Canberra Non-ongoing (up to 12 months)
General Temporary Employment Register Canberra Melbourne Non-ongoing (up to 12 months)